What do you do….

…when you are 4 years old,
and your Mom won’t buy you that ULTRA-cool
“Dark Vaduhh”
costume ($50.00) for Halloween….
And you are too young to get a job so that you can buy your own???
You improvise!
ps. yes, I did play a major part in emptying that Ice cream bucket.
pps. The part of Light Saber is being played by Glue Stick.

6 thoughts on “What do you do….

  1. So cute! That kid is adorable. It’s funny to think that Matt would have dressed up as “Dark Vaduhh” when he was a wee bit of a lad also. I guess this Star Wars thing is here to stay, huh? We are going to be in Utahr in Dec. I think we are doing our sealing up. Not sure on the date, but we will definitley let ya’ll know. So exciting!


  2. Love the ingenuity. I usually buy costumes WAY after Halloween. . . because I'm cheap that way. The trick is hiding them because my 3 year old wants to wear them year round. . . which I guess isn't a bad thing. We've gone grocery shopping as Spiderman (with the big muscles by the way) & to the chiropractor as a Power Ranger. . .


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