I am afraid of flying….
Well, not so much flying as

….crashing to a fiery death.

I’m glad that we talked this over!!!

I feel much better now that I know I’m not afraid of flying!


11 thoughts on “Fear

  1. HOLY COW! I’m more afraid of that poor dog in the picture! Just think of the possible outcome of that dog while you are flying and you should be good. If not, I’ve got some happy flyer pills….do you want some?


  2. Hey! I thought you said you destroyed those negatives of me and my puppy after the horrible accident! What the heck?! You’ll be fine on your trip. You’ll be too excited to get there and see all of the fabric!


  3. Fear is something that seems to grow worse the older you get, I find. You also start thinking about it once you become a parent. When you are very young you do not think about dying at all. You are invincible. I always tell my kids that your mind is powerful enough to overcome anything. And then I admit a fear of heights and they ask me why I cannot overcome this with my powerful mind? Bummer when they get older and ask sticky questions!


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