This has been keeping me away from my beloved sewing machine for about 3 weeks. Of course it has renewed my friendship with the world of computer.
I built that website!

Hopefully, it will be up and running in a few weeks! I still have lots of work to do… upload all of the products……

Maybe I’ll get back to crafting soon?


7 thoughts on “ummmmmm

  1. Hi Lola! I am wanting to come to your class that you are doing with the purse with the bow. Is that the purse of the month for Nov 20th? I need to bring my own fabric right? What’s the name of that purse again? I want to make it in the tan and red like you did. Do you know the name of that fabric so that I can copy you. I am scared to death of sewing so this is going out on a very long limb for me but I really like that purse.


  2. I am so glad you have a Gracie Lou’s website I buy often for my sister in California she will be trill to know she’ll be able to do it on line nowErikaBTY: I love the way it looks


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