I’M Baaaaaa…aaaack!!!

I’m back from quilt market!! It was more fun than Disneyland!!
I was utterly STAR-STRUCK!!!
I’m so tired, but I had to blog a little tonight.
The first day of market was called Schoolhouse. We got to spend the whole day being taught by all of the big names.
One of my favorite sessions was taught by HER…….The Lady In These Shoes..
Can you guess who it is by the feet?????
It’s Amy Butler!! *star-struck-swoon*
I took about a thousand pictures, so I have many days worth of Quilt Market bloggy goodness.
Gotta go to bed now!

12 thoughts on “I’M Baaaaaa…aaaack!!!

  1. My parcel arrived!!!!!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!I have sent you an email (twice!) telling you how much I love it!Have you got yours yet? It’s nowhere near as gorgeous as your bag to me.PS – can you tell … I love it?!xx


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