Leader of The Band..

…….is tired!!

My oldest son, Smith, is turning 11 on tuesday. DH and I picked up his present yesterday…

but, we couldn’t wait to give it to him.

We are now one of those Big Family Bands, like the Osmonds!!
Rock Band is one fun, and slightly addicting, video game! And, I would have to admit that I Sho’nuff (that one’s for you Maryann) play a mean Guitar!!
Today, church seemed alot like an “All Star Wrestling” match. I always hope that I will be able to go and learn something, or feel something, but I always feel more like…..

Armed crowd control.
I’ve decided to come up with a line of t-shirts for Moms like me;

……I know…..Don’t quit my day job….


12 thoughts on “Leader of The Band..

  1. Those T-shirts are so funny! Seriously though, as a mom you have to have sense of humor to be able to do it! You do such a good job with your FIVE. I only have two and I had to pass one off to Dan during EQ or I was going to start crying in frustration.


  2. Oh your six kids are so well behaved compared to my ONE! He was so awful that the nursery gave him back to me!! Sis. Vega said that I needed to come to nursery with him and stay until he could control himself better. Umm…what was that 3 months I did earlier this year? And he was totally fine and didn’t even want me there until I stopped going with him! UGH! Dan was so cute with Jeff though when they were in there. I’m sure you’ll be leaving him well before Marsh goes by himself!


  3. I love the “Event Staff”! When I was in potty training mode and puppy training mode at the same time and people asked what I did for a living I always said, “Waste Management”. I guess really as a Mom you are always Executive Officer of Waste Management tho-…


  4. I would so buy all of those t-shirts! LOLOL I need the one that says “Yes, they ARE all of my children” that way I wouldn’t have to constantly answer the question “Are they ALL yours?” LOL And I hear you about rock band being addicting, well at the least the guitar. I suck at the singing and the drums, but I ROCK on the guitar! LOL


  5. Ooooh we love rockband! When we are stuck indoors in the winter we have many a bender family jam sessions…lol!Your T-shirts are hilarious! I can always count on your blog for a good chuckle…hahaha


  6. I am ROTFL right now. . .ok, more like on the chair. . .but that's OK. I'm procrastinating & reading posts from days gone by that I missed! SWEET T's there my friend. That is so how I feel about the kids in Church! and the butt wiping. . .


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