Gift Ideas…

Yes!! It is that time of year again.
Usually I have completed all of my holiday shopping by now. I just started this years shopping today.
I thought I’d share some of my great finds with you!
These are for those that are Really Hard to Shop For!

Are you tired of watching those poor squirrels running around trying to find a place to hide their nuts??


When I was in College I had a Jewish friend that celebrated all gift getting holidays. I finally found the perfect present for her….


Year after year, Aunt Flossy sends you the obligatory fruitcake. With the failing economy, she won’t be able to afford the postage on such a heavy gift. Here is a great option…..the inflatable Fruitcake. (you never eat the real one anyway)


You all should know how I feel about the Stick-kind of the world. This would be the perfect gift for any S.T.U.P.I.D person.

Jazz hands NOT included

All Items found at


6 thoughts on “Gift Ideas…

  1. I’m with Di.What good is a stick man without jazz hands?However, it would be kind of cool if you could combine the stick man and the inflatable fruitcake. And then maybe you could put the tighty whiteys on the stick man.Now THAT would be a gift worth giving!


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