Spent too many days….

……..as a computer geek (term of endearment, really)!
My brain is starting to ache because it is not used to the constant “crashing” around me!
This post comes from a site called ThinkGeek. If you’ve never visited this place–you need to go there now!! (but, make sure that you come back here after)
I spent about an hour ROFL-ing at this site. I’ve seen it before, but this time I get it!
Here are a few of my faves;

My geeky brother owns this!
To all of you HTML-ers! I am now the Queen of //

I crashed the back end of my site by // out the wrong line.

This is a great saying for life in general. Unfortunately, I am usually the Better Idiot.


8 thoughts on “Spent too many days….

  1. ROFLMAO!!! Okay, if only that last part were true! I could use a good LMAO for reals. Not that this post didn’t make me laugh. It did, but I sure would love to literally LMAO, you know?


  2. When I used to “work” for a living (sorry for swearing) I used to get people ringing me up asking “how do I do this on my computer?” or whining “my computer doesn’t work” I always wanted to tell them to “RTFM” (read the ** manual!)Either that, or ask them, “have you tried switching it off and on again?”Hey, when you’re not so busy answer my email !! xx


  3. I’m not savvy enough to get all of those, but the ones I do get are funny! I wish I were a better geek. I have lost patience with all my gadgets, unfortunately. Now, if they don’t respond to a full shutdown-reboot, I have to lie down for a nap.


  4. I’ve decided that I’m the official “new site tester” at work. I somehow manage to screw things up forcing them to think of BETTER ways of making things run smoothly.You gotta have somebody who is a tard otherwise they wouldn’t have to work so hard!


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