When I was your age….

One of my favorite ways to torture my kids is to play “When I was your age…”
Sometimes they like it, and are amazed that I grew up with only 7 TV stations.
But, most of the time they are seriously annoyed.
I love it when I can annoy my kids. It’s the ultimate Back At Ya.
Well, are you ready to play??
When I was a kid Mr. Potato Head had a real Potato for a head…no really!

So, if you happened to have eaten all of the potatoes for dinner…well…GAME OVER!!!
When I was a kid we didn’t need friends, we had Skip-it. We could jump rope all by ourselves…and we liked it!
When I was a kid, we didn’t have expensive theme parks. We had Sit-n-spin to make us throw-up all over our sister. (The inventor was a genius!)

When I was you age we didn’t have a pony. We had Hippity hopper (mine had the horse head, complete with handles coming out of the ears)

When I was a kid we didn’t have internet….we didn’t even have computers. We didn’t have HDTV either. We had Grandma’s Viewmaster, with all of the different cartridges she got on vacations, like yellowstone, and we’d sit there for hours….trying to get the little grooves to line up right so that the pictures didn’t make you go cross-eyed.

and then we’d accidentally pop out one of the little film squares in the cartridge…and have to spend hours trying to get it back in right.
Good times…..good times.
I feel bad for my kids. They are missing out! It was pretty good when I was a kid!


10 thoughts on “When I was your age….

  1. I forgot about Chinese jump rope, they were so cool! remember all the sayings that went with jump rope? like.. Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to….etc.I wish I could remember the other ones. and what was that called that we did with our hands and string and two people passing it back and forth? Hop scotch,red rover,mother may I, red light green light. We didn’t really need toys huh?!?!?


  2. I must have had a knock off Skip-it because mine looked like a lemon and I think it was called Lemon Drop or Twist. The hippity hopper was awesome! We would bounce so fast on those that eventually one of us would lose control, flip forward and scrape our chin on the side walk. Never failed. LOL


  3. WE had the SAME stuff. . .minus the potatoe head. . .too many small parts! Oh, and no sit n spin. . .that was too advanced. We DID, however, use the slippery side of the sleeping bags to slide down the steep, carpeted stairway. Stitches from the endtable for my little brothers! I’m sure the repeated head injuries explains a lot! I can’t believe we survived. . .


  4. Mr Potato Head, a REAL potato?! I thought Matt was just joshing me. Who knew? Man, those were crazy times. 🙂 I do remember the skip-it’s though. I always wanted one. I was so deprived. 😦


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