Yes!! They are ALL mine!!

Lego Man (with his Dad and Bro.) poured our Basketball Half-Court on Friday!!!
All of the kids, except the baby, wanted to leave their mark. We had to force his poor little hand into the cement. Now he is afraid of it!! He won’t even walk on it. Traumatized for life!
It is in age order. The second to the youngest just has huge hands!!

6 thoughts on “Yes!! They are ALL mine!!

  1. Baby’s hand print kind of looks like the family pet’s paw print. Tallula bell’s hand print is about the same size of baby’s I cant believe how tiny she is. It is amazing that she belongs to our family(I know what your thinking) She is such a picky eater! (not what you thought was it)


  2. That is so great! I did that when we had a padio redone – I was pregnant and didn’t know the sex of the baby so I just wrote Henry and Dos! It’s now bricked over but I took a picture and I know it’s there.


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