Meat hand

If you didn’t visit yesterday, then go here and then come back!

I’m going to upload a few pics (later) of the dreamy prizes!!!
If you blog about my Giveaway-a-rama make sure that you comment again so that I can give you 3 more entries!
Now! On to todays blog topic:
Kids are funny!
I’ve told this story before, back when I only had one

Conversation between Mother and adoring son!
“Mom, is Mower-lawn a bad word?” said one of the twins
“No Son, Mower-lawn isn’t a bad word.”
“Then turn off the light you Mower-lawn (moron)”
Last night
I was having one of those important conversations
with my (almost) 8 year old daughter.
“Mom, one of my friends told me that a man’s hand was on a conveyour belt with meat, and someone ate it. That’s why I don’t eat meat.”

That is all I have to share with you today! Go forth and Prosper!

22 thoughts on “Meat hand

  1. I posted it on my blog!!Yes I am greedy I want more chances to win!!I cant wait to see the pix of the treasures you are willing to part with!!Thanks BTW for sharing your talents with us..I hope that next shopping trip we might get to meet.. That would be way too cool..


  2. Oh I really really have to win the Lola bag because I was going to make one for my sister in law for Christmas but that ship already sailed and she didn’t get one but my heart was already set on it so now I want one for myself! (Does that count as an irrational post?)


  3. Don’t tell your daughter, but this did happen to my Father-in-Law years ago. He bought a sausage roll from a shop and halfway through bit into something hard, only to find the tip of someone’s finger! Urgh! He has NEVER eaten a pie since!(Neither have I…)I would love to win any of your awesome creations!


  4. Giggle about your son’s moron comment. My son announced to some of our friends that he had tenticles, I was thankful for the mispronunciation when I realized what he was talking about!


  5. Jana, I don’t know how I found your blog but I did it somehow and I’m glad I did. Your creations are adorable. I’ve been in Gracie Lou’s some but haven’t seen you there yet. Put me in for the fabulous drawing. Shannon White


  6. I don’t have an email for you so I am replying to your comment on my blog. You’ll never be done being a MOM! You are so cool. . . you could do what you mentioned as a “side career.” Go for it! I would love to see what you design. . .you already have designed some cool patterns.


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