The Most Wonderful….

I really love christmas time!

It starts very early at my house.

Yesterday at lunch my 5 year old was throwing a fit over some random thing….again.

It didn’t take long for my husband to pick up the phone to call Santa on him.

I like to threaten that Santa’s elf is watching……Look there he goes! did you see him?

There is not another time of the year that we can get the kids to stop fighting so quickly.

I love Santa!

Peace on Earth!

You still have until Monday morning to enter!!! Get going!!


21 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful….

  1. I think that particular elf might give my son nightmares if he thought he was lurking around! LOL I love being able to say, “put it on your Christmas list” whenever he asks for a toy etc…I think I start that in October.


  2. I love Christmas time too. . . and this year we are simplifying & trying to spread the idea of simplifying to our relatives. .. I've used the Elves as blackmail as well – but it loses it's affect after a while. . .I suppose if would wait until October or November to use it instead of April! HA!


  3. Does your kids ask for Santa when they see a white beard chubby guy on the street? That has happened o me two times this season, one time at Joann’s store, Alana just shout “Is that Sata Calus mommy?” I almost laugh but I say What do you think? do you want to ask? she was shy and say nothing, and the other time was at Wal mart, the guy at the door the same thing but at this I was prepared. We approach the guy and Alana ask him and long story short, the guy does that on Christmas season and Alana’s inocent coment made his day. oh the joy of kids and Christmas!


  4. My kids are terrible for asking for toys whenever we’re out shopping – so I love being able to say “maybe for Christmas . . .” and since it’s coming soon, they stop asking instead of throwing a tantrum.


  5. I met your mom last night. She’s a doll. It was really sweet to meet and talk to her. You are very blessed to have your mom close and have her share your life with your family. I’m a tad jealous. My mom isn’t around anymore and sometimes meeting other moms gives me happy memories. But I do need to remind you how lucky you are to have her. I’m sure you know that.


  6. I’ll have to remember this tactic next year–my daughter will be 2+ by then and she’ll actually understand what’s going on! It’s a little sad that the phrase “God is watching you” doesn’t carry as much weight! Well, at least the kids are good for the month before Christmas.Hang in there! 😛


  7. I tell my kids that the easter bunny is watching them.. one year around christime time, everytime they were naughty I said ‘santa is watching you, and for everytime you are naughty, he is going to take a presesnt away and give you a lump of coal’.. in each of their santa sacks that year, they got two lumps of coal each! being a parent is evil, but in a good way.. Lissa


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