Not Wrestle-Mania

It’s time for the
(Nope! Wrestle-Mania isn’t on right now.)
It’s Church…
Has it really been a week?

I have high hopes that someday Sunday will be a peaceful, restful, spiritual day. I have yet to see any of that happen. Mostly Sunday is rushing 8 people into dress clothes, trying to keep them clean and wrinkle free for 5 minutes, then hoping that they wont yell out anything embarrassing during sacrament meeting. One of my babies would yell “Coke” whenever he saw the sacrament water coming. My 2 year old likes to make train sounds, “TOOT! TOOT” whenever there is a pause in the action.

I think that Church is a lot like Aerobics. I take one to the bathroom, then the baby screams, one needs a drink, two start fistfighting, the older ones get into an elbow fight. And this is just as we are getting into the SUV to go to Church.

I guess it’s time to teach them the Golden Rule!

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24 thoughts on “Not Wrestle-Mania

  1. I don’t know how you do it with 6!One time my parents duck taped our faces on a road trip…so we started humming. Equally annoying.Good luck tomorrow!


  2. At least your 2 year old only makes train noises! Mine likes to steal people’s hymn books, climb under the benches, and scream out “NO!” or “BABA!” whenever he feels like it, especially when it’s quite. Tomorrow we are trying a new technique: feed him constantly during sacrament meeting. That way his mouth will always be full and he can’t yell! 🙂


  3. I know that when I was little I was too scared to make a sound in church because my grandfather was always looking at me with that look like he just wished I would step a toe out of line. I know little ones can be hard! Duct tape should come with cartoon pictures on it!haha!


  4. My mom used to take me out to the car till I shut up. Actually, she threatened more than doing it, especially in the summer in Phoenix, because both of us would have died.I finally did shut up, and started writing notes instead. I found some of them in Mom’s Bible that I inherited, my little 7 or 8-year-old scrawls that she tucked into her Bible and saved.


  5. The rule in our house has been that you can't go to church until you're three. That keeps me at home with our 2 & 1 year old, but lets the 4 year old get some one on one church time with daddy. Plus it's really cute to see her all dressed up with dad.


  6. I had trouble getting two lively boys to sit still in church, how you cope with 6 kids is beyond me. I have always had “red ants in my pants” as my Mom called it, so when I was little she used to put a sewing pin in the hem of her dress. If I did not sit still she would prick me with the pin! I quickly learnt to sit still…Years later with my own kids I did not continue the “pin” tradition (too cruel in my opinion) but made sure I had lots of goodies to eat and activities in my bag to keep them busy. It gets a bit more difficult with 6 kids though. I think the duct tape sounds like a good idea…


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