Drum roll……….

I can’t take it!!!
The Suspense is Killing me!
I will draw names after I drop the kids off at school..
This is so much fun!!

11 thoughts on “Drum roll……….

  1. The suspense IS killing me! I'm off tomorrow too. . .so I'll be checking in early. . .coffee in hand:) Pick me. . Pick me. . you are getting very sleepy & you are going to magically draw my name. . . Tee hee. . .


  2. I don’t know you, but I came across your blog sometime ago, looking for an idea to make a new bag for myself. (I have yet to do this, by the way). I love your bags and all the other things you make too. But I have to say that the one thing I love about your blog is that you make me laugh and laugh out loud. I know that I can always find something here to have me laugh – and it feels good. Thank you!And as a side note, it always feels good to win something too. 🙂


  3. Do I have time for one last entry?! You did say one per person per day, right?! Well, maybe I made that up in my excitement over the incredible prizes! In any case, here’s my final plea:PICK ME!! 🙂


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