Is it morning yet???


The Fall Quilt- Abbey

The Lynsey bag-Jen Sue Wild

The Keisha Bag- Sabii Wabii

The Pattern pack- chocolateonmycranium
The Apron-Scrappinfor3

The Moda Charm Pack-Momof2gr8kids

Surprise Packages- Lyndsey, and Tonya

This was so much fun!!! I really wish I had something to send to everyone that entered…and entered..and entered!!!

To those that won this time: Please email your address to

Thanks for celebrating 300 with me. I have another MAJOR give away comming up soon. It is my 1 year Blogiversary Dec. 24th (I think) I’m going to throw a huge party!!

Big hugs to my old and new friends!

18 thoughts on “Is it morning yet???

  1. No way!!!I am so happy I could cry right now!!Thank you so very much for hosting such a wonderful give away. and Thanks for having a Fabulous blog to visit every day.. You truly make me laugh..


  2. Congrats to the winners! I was surprised to not see my name–I had actually convinced myself I was GOING to win! How silly! I’ll be sure to enter again in December.Congrats on 300 posts!


  3. Wait–maybe I did win!?! I checked the winners again and clicked on “Lyndsey” and saw my blog come up. Surprise! I didn’t realize it at first because I know you know more than one person with that name and I spell mine differently. . . so is it really me?!


  4. Hey It was good to see you this weekend I really miss being so close sto the family. (my mom failed to mention a few small details like Grandpa P’s Cancer on the cranium (here comes the butt graphs)and Colton’s head stone base was put in (it looks so good, makes it way realnot that it wasnt before)) K congrats to all the winners I saw the stack of prizes on Lola’s dinning table and was tempted to grab and run!!!!


  5. This was so awesome… inspires me to do the same, maybe for my 50th post or something since I just started. I’m excited for you Jennifer… I know you are probably crying you are so excited! I am exctied for you winning the Lindsey Bag!


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