What a wonderful world…

If Diet Coke grew on trees…
and you picked it before it was ripe
would it be Diet Sprite?
And would you have to put it in your windowsill
to ripen,
and turn brown?
And what if you let it get too ripe??
Would it turn into regular coke,
and have to be thrown out with the yucky bananas!

10 thoughts on “What a wonderful world…

  1. I love me some diet COKE have you seen the old american comercials with the women watching the men??? while drinking diet coke.. made me love it even more.. I do think that it is a cure for PMS…:) and cranky Children.


  2. I have recently become a Diet Coke drinker (and diet dr. pepper) What can I say I am loving the word diet (but not loosing any weight) I guess that is the only thing I have changed in my life of wanting to diet maybe I should stay away from the cookies and milk shakes etc… But I love them all so much


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