Ummm Kay.

in the middle of making a pattern for one of the cutest bags in world

don’t have time to thing of anything funny to say.

the bag is called the AMBER OHH LAA LAA bag (yes, I was yelling that..sorry, I have problems with volume control when i’m tired)

so..watch AbbA…this one is pretty funny.


6 thoughts on “Waterloo…

  1. I wonder if my hubbie has his glasses off with blurred vision and I look over my shoulder and wink, if I’d have that sultry look to him?They just don’t choreograph videos like they used too!


  2. Oh how did you know I {heart} ABBA?! They are my favorites!! And you happened to pick two of my favorite songs, too! You must be psychic….like you have a fifth sense or something! 😉 haha 🙂


  3. those videos are fantastic, i’m totally adding a bunch of ABBA songs to my playlist now!my daughter, while sans makeup, does have outfits disturbingly like those in the first video . . .is this a PATTNERN pattern or a tutorial pattern to share with those of us out here admiring you in blogland?????


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