Lola and the evening of CARNAGE

Once upon a time, way back in the late 80’s, there was a young girl named Lola. She was much like other girls of the day- aerosol sprayed big hair, putty knife’d on makeup, and heavily accessorized!

One happy day this college student found $5.00 in one of her purses. Sick of constantly eating Ramen Noodles, hot dogs, and peanut butter she headed to the nearest Burger King for a Whopper.
A strange thing happened while she was stuffing her face with burger….she stopped and looked at the meat. An animal had DIED so that she could gorge on it’s flesh. She had remorse!! She had eaten and not appreciated!
Immediately she swore off meat! Strict Vegetarian!! Gave up hair products, makeup, and all fashion sense!!!
Lola became- EARTH MUFFIN!!!

…with clothes on!
Veggie Lola was around for 4 or 5 years
until pregnancy cravings caused her to eat chicken.
Last night we went out with Mom and Dad, and my Sibs and spouses to celebrate a few Birthdays. The Birthday Boys got to choose where we went…
Brazilian Churrasco, of course!

If you’ve never been to one….I suggest that you go


The salad bar was OK. The constant flow stream of bleeding meat on skewers……..being served to my loved ones

that were ENJOYING it!!!

Luckily, the conversation was great, and the antics of my brothers were above average! I laughed until my cheeks hurt. One brother stuck cheese puff thingies down the front of his sweater(like boobies), and kept commenting on how cold it was in there. Then he took them out, and ate them……FUNNY!!

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10 thoughts on “Lola and the evening of CARNAGE

  1. I was veggie for about 4 years which was totally stupid because I hate vegetables! I have no idea what I ate for 4 years, but I was thin …. hmmm?I cannot resist the smell of cooking bacon mmmmmmPS – your poster : “I *GROW* it” ??


  2. I can’t believe you have a naked lady on your blog! I know you hate meat, and you took one for the team last night. But it really is so good! Are you sure you won’t give it another chance? 😉


  3. I was a vegetarian for about 5 years and then I needed the meat while I was pregnant so I started eating meat again but only once in a while.I don’t think i could ever give up hair goodies and make up. I don’t think the world would be happy either.


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