The Kids are home……RUN!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The kids are all home from school today!!!
So, like any good Mom
I’m going somewhere else!
O.k, I’m only kidding…..I don’t have anywhere to go so I’m staying home.
I have so much to be thankful for!!
This holiday season is going to be difficult for our family. Last year, at this time, there were two people here that are not here now: my Nephew and Brother-in-law.
We are thankful for their lives, that we had them as long as we did, and for the love that we still have for them. We’re just sad because we miss them.
We are thankful this year because two people that weren’t here last year, at this time, are back.
My parents were in Nigeria and Liberia for the last 2 Thanksgivings on a church mission. We are so thankful to have them back with us this year. We missed them so much!!
Hope that you ALL have a great holiday!
Don’t get hurt on Black Friday if you are one of those who dare go out.
I won’t decide until I see the ads…..

7 thoughts on “The Kids are home……RUN!!!!!

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your humor. I have been MIA so to speak. I have a terrible cold that is on the upswing. . . enjoy the kiddos today. I’m working on doing that. The Tylenol PM is finally wearing off!


  2. I think the holidays are really a time we miss those who aren’t with us the most. My grandmother died over 10 years ago, I still miss her, and all I wish I would have learned from her. It is also a great time to remember the good things they did in our lives.Have a great thanksgiving!


  3. had to stop by. i loved your word verification definition today…then i saw the kids are home, run. your blog. you have a lot. how do you do it all.i just saw someones funny about thanksgiving and commented something to the degree of RUN.i think mine was “i am not the mommee, i am not the mommee.” of course, it’s not working, they aren’t convinced, so I guess I will have to go get the dinner on. take care.


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