Joanne, from Little Patch of Heaven, gave me this award…which I LOVE because it looks just like me!!! (If I was 70 lbs thinner, had long blonde hair, and was wearing a giant cupcake!)

THANKS!! Joanne, you are very sweet!

This came with a tag too. I don’t usually play tag….I don’t play well with others…..sore loser ya know! But, seeing as I have recently lost my FUNNY…and have no idea what to blog anymore..Here it goes!!

7 things to do before I die: (or 4)

Go on a big family vacation with my kids.

Go on a big vacation without my kids.

Tell everyone that I love, that I love them. (oh yeah! I love you guys!)

Finish my sewing projects.

7 things I do now:


Be a Mom

Shop online.

Eat everything.

Drive kids everywhere

Drink Diet Coke

Start Diets.

7 things I can’t do:

Play the Piano


or knit,

or not freak out when I’m stressed,

Have any more kids (My Mom said so!)

lose weight.


7 things I find attractive about the opposite sex:

Really hairsprayed hair so it looks like it’s not real.

Obsessive cleanliness

loves children





7 things I say most often:

Knock it off!


Tell your brother that I said not to!

I’m looking!

I’m on a Diet

Where is the chocolate.

Yes, you can have a drink of my drink.

7 Favorite foods:

Couldn’t narrow it down to 7! Mostly desserts, fries, chips, everything bad for you, and everything good for you too.

If you read this, and want to play tsg…’re it!!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Well done for doing the tag and i’m sure you do look like the the cup cake girl running after your lot of course with out the cup cake.My MIL told me I had to stop after three children should have never listen to her I would love to have more the house is just so empty all day now the yougest has gone to school.Your funny will be back soon you always make me smile.Joanne xx


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