Me and Amy!

I know it’s supposed to be Amy and I………but, that’s not how I roll. I like to live on the edge! Make proper English speakers cringe!!

I’ve been spending my free time with Amy again. I just can’t resist Daisy Chain. When I saw it on the bolt, in all color ways, all together in one place……..I’d have to admit that I may have shed a tear or two. (I was going to say that I peed a little, but I didn’t want to gross you out!)

I made these two sweeties at my Purse of the Month class last week. I just put the finishing touches on the blue one.

When I was at market I got Amy’s Little Stitches book…….and had her sign it of course!
It is full of great patterns. Makes me wish that I had another baby to dress! Luckily, I got to make this cute little number as a sample for my favorite quilt shop!

I like how it turned out The pic would be much cuter with an adorable baby stuffed in it!

I’m on a sewing roll now! I have a cute quilt (yes! I said quilt) and 2 diaper bags on the work table. Too bad this is such a busy season………….Kids choir tonight.

9 thoughts on “Me and Amy!

  1. OMG! I think I bought the exact same fabric to make the exact same bag as in your first picture! Woah! I must have been channeling you. I love Amy Butler’s fabric so much, and now I am wishing I had bought more of it on Saturday! 😦


  2. oh you do need to find a cute little baby to stuff right on in that outfit. i keep meaning to look at this book when i am in the bookstore but it may just be for the best that i did not…i would just have to buy it and make all sorts of things from it therefore spending time and money i do not have extra of right now!


  3. I totally have a fabric crush on Amy Butler. I just got more of her stuff to day to finish off my bed set. I’m using the Nigella line with the turquoise blue. I can’t wait to go to sleep every night and dream of beautiful fabrics. You’ve done a lovely job with yours!


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