Don’t be NOTE!

(replica of actual letter….I couldn’t get a good picture!)
My five year old gave me this note yesterday.
If you don’t read Kindergarten it says:
“To Santa and elf
Smith is being
Naughty Naughty”
I love kids!

13 thoughts on “Don’t be NOTE!

  1. I love it! I was always a little sad when my kids finally figured out how to spell correctly. “Inventive spelling” is the best. Those are the little notes that need to be saved and treasured.


  2. Ilove letters to Santa… Monday in FHE Harley who is 6 asked Santa for a Dad for her Mom so she could have a baby sister. And if he had a Barbie or a Orange Scooter that would be good. I told Tiffany she was LUCKY that she asked for the Dad first and not just the sister. Kids you gotta love them.


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