Channeling Joan.

Joan Crawford was Beautiful!
Lola sometimes wishes she could look like Joan.
Unfortunately, she only looks like her when she does laundry….

Not very beautiful!
So today’s blog is dedicated to Lola’s family.NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!
There is a reason that they are hidden in the garage….in a box… the corner……..
i hate them.
bye now

10 thoughts on “Channeling Joan.

  1. SUPER SECRET: So I had the Lasik surgery on Monday. “Avoid all contact with the eyes, Very Mary,” says the Dr. I’m going thrift shopping, I say, what could be dangerous about that? ha ha ha. Right up until the moment that I took a dress off the rack and (I swear on all that is holy to me) smacked myself in the EYEBALL with that germ-infested metal hanger less than 24 hours after EYEBALL surgery. Therefore, I second your hatred.


  2. Oh MY! Talk about terrifying childhood memory!!! That movie scared the bijeebers out of me. And my father HATED wire hangers with a passion. I only use wire hangers for rummage sales – and I do believe that I freecycled them afterwards.


  3. Oh, I outlawed those babies many years ago at my house. I throw them away…with pennies. I do have to say that it is easier to fit your body through a metal hanger than a plastic one though. That darn plastic isn’t very forgiving when you get to my large hips!


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