I’m usually not very good at sending Christmas cards.
This year I finally did it! I found all of you addresses, made beautiful cards, and got them in the mail on time!!!!


You haven’t gotten yours yet???? uhhhhhhhhhhhhh….well, I got them to hte mail on time, but there was a problem…

umm, yeah…..the Post Office that I took them to….



I think it burned down.

and all of my cards burned too…that’s it…they got burned….

Maybe next year?


10 thoughts on “ummmmm…..yeah

  1. I had typed out a really cool comment here & it got erased when I typed the wrong password. . .I'll try again. . .Oh crap! I forgot! Happy Holidays anyway! I'm aiming for Happy Thank the Lord Winter doesn't last forever & Spring will be here by April {hopefully} or at least May. . .it is WI afterall. . .currently -2 degrees. . .


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