No Interventions Please!

Bought some fabric today.
Yep! Just went right into the store and bought it.

Nine yards…..
on sale

a really great sale…..
didn’t need it really.

…..not sure what I’m going to make out of it…

bought it anyway.

I’m an addict


13 thoughts on “No Interventions Please!

  1. Do they have a 12 step program for shop-a-holics? specific to fabric?I’m the same way. I can’t resist buying fabric and at the same time, i’m not finishing any of my projects. *sigh*


  2. It’s only bad when you buy fabric, and you don’t even know how to sew. You just keep it in a box in case one day, you think to yourself, “I think I’ll take a sewing class”. Which will never happen. Then you have a problem.


  3. Is fabric addiction contagious? Because I went back up, after initially spending $30, and spent a whole ton more of money (shhh! don’t tell mike! haha) and I wanted to buy so much more fabric, but I had to decide what I wanted most of all.


  4. Lola, I love the new look to your blog very fun looking.As for the fabric, whenever I buy any and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it i just say it’s for my retirement fund.Joanne. xx


  5. I can’t say anything because of the huge stash of fabric in my storage room. The only difference is that all of my fabric stretches.I’m pretty sure that I’ll use it all some day………She who dies with the most fabric WINS!!!!!


  6. Oh, please, I’m not only an addict, I’m an enabler. Which is why my mom got fabric for her birthday AND Christmas, AND was very Happy and very Merry, no doubt!Come to think of it, Gracie Lou Who, you, too, are on the enabling list . . .


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