1-got baby’s curls cut off. (he screamed like his arm was being cut off)

2-i drank water. on purpose. repeatedly. (i still think it’s yucky)

3-got on wii fit. liked it….. even though my mii is chubby, and the balance board moans when I stand on it.

4-ran on the treadmill and didn’t quit early. I made myself run an extra minute for considering quiting.


8 thoughts on “firsts

  1. Well done you, I also got on the wii fit yesterday, once the board had got over the shock of me actually getting on it after 210 days and the fact I had actually lose 2 lbs since then, I remembered how much fun you really can have.Thank you for your comment about my kitchen I really wasn’t sure that pink was a colour for the kitchen.joanne. xx


  2. Wow, I am impressed you ran on a treadmill. I have never and will never do that, waaaayyy too clutzy. But that is seriously awesome! Go girl! We’d love to have a Wii Fit but haven’t been able to find one since they came out. =/


  3. So if you don’t drink water normally what do you drink?I love our Wii fit. I just don’t like that one day I loose 2 lbs and then the next day I gain it back. My chart looks very funny up down up down.. I just want it to stay down.


  4. GOOD for you! I thought that was a moan from the Wii board but I just was trying to think positively. . .ugh! I’ve advanced to advanced Hula Hoops. . and I’m going to start weighing my clothes! No WAY did I GAIN 4 lbs in ONE DAY!!!! Whatever!


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