Ahhhh love!!


in person


Ohhhhhh! How I LOVE it!!

I think I want to make things out of it like this ,

or this (scroll down to the apron),

And in other news

I am still (ok it’s only been 3 days) dieting, and working out.

I am always hungry and a tad bit (read that at VERY) grumpy.

I’m sure I’ll be feeling better in a day or so…..

when my muscles start to get numb from actually being used,

and my stomach shrinks….. from lack of use (i hope)


11 thoughts on “Ahhhh love!!

  1. I love that fabric too, I think I’m going to give that apron a shot! 🙂 I am dieting too, well, not really.. I’m lying, I am doing Wii fit and jogging 4 miles. I have lost 3 pounds since Christmas.. 🙂


  2. I totally know about the being starving all the time. I normally just eat though. Whenever I up the workouts I get more and more hungry. I hope something is happening and I am not just canceling the extra workouts out with more food. Oh, well…


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