Happy or Crappy?
What makes you happy?
Besides the usual , boring answers of Family, friends, home blahblahblah

I want you to think outside of the box.
To get you started I will perform
“My (stupid) Favorite Things”
(cue the band)
Denture-ish ice cubes

and flossing with bacon.

Friends that like rainbows
either gay or fakin’
Hot Dog buns wrapped around tiny doggies

These are some dumb things that make me happy!

Crime Scene Band aids,

Vinyl perfume,

Hats covered in pooh….

I search the internet for those great, goofy things.
They cause me to smile.
and you?
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9 thoughts on “Choose!!

  1. I love old children’s books with precious pictures. Those make me smile. And chipmunks.Also, this may make me sound like a meanie, but we were at Publix last night and there was a little girl who wasn’t listening to her mom and her mom said, “There will be NO dessert for you tonight!” My husband was horrified, but it made me happy to know that parents still discipline their children for not obeying. 🙂


  2. I’m slightly disturbed by how much I love that rainbow pencil case 🙂Hi Jana *waving* looks like we’ve been paired up by Miss Ginger Katy for the FQ swap. Just popping by to get the lowdown on what floats your boat (fabric wise that is ;)).Expect to not see me lurking, because I’ll be lurking, so you won’t see me, but I’ll be here. Mwahhahhhhaahhhhhhh.😀xMx


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