I want a chocolate

Diet Before and After
part 1

November 4th……………………..January 14th

Sorry about the strange looks on my face…..it’s just how I roll!
I’m down around 10 lbs. from picture one!


23 thoughts on “I want a chocolate

  1. Lookin’ good! Wow! You are dropping it fast! You really can see a change in your face. Before and after pictures are so fun.Thanks for offering to help me with my quilt block. Maybe we can get together some time next week. I’ll call you.


  2. You look AWESOME!!I’m dieting too. I’ve lost almost 15, which we shall refer to as simply “I’ve lost 15”. It’s awesome, I’ve never stuck to anything for this long. Anyhow you look great! hugs, Erin


  3. Oh my holy heck! Way to go! I am so impressed! Maybe I’ll start a diet on Monday. Remember me saying I was going to on January 5th? Yeah. Forget that one. I want to hear all about it! Are you using that treadmill? Have you had to use your puke bucket? Anyway, you look AWESOME!!!!!


  4. I’m starting to think I shoulda bought that elliptical…even if I have to use it outside in the new place! haha 10 lbs?! That is awesome! (Turning green with envy over here…but next week it will be different because we’ll be on our Power 90 program!)


  5. Yeah! Congrats on doing so well so far. I also show results in my face first, so at least I have a reminder of why I’m working so hard every time I look in the mirror. Now, if only it would leave my butt as fast as it leaves my face! 😛


  6. Look at you! 10 lBs – that’s awesome! You look wonderful ~ keep hating that diet and you’ll loose another 10 lbs before you know it – whatever you are doing is working!


  7. Wow!!! I can see a huge difference! You may have officially motivated to get back on the diet train after the holiday-binge 😉I lost about 60 lbs last year and still have a few more pounds to lose….thanks for sharing your success photos! They are just what I needed 🙂


  8. WAY to GO! Wish I could say the same here. . .but Oh well! You look fabulous! I’m sure my Wii Fit would moan if I stood on it today. . . I DID, however, play real ping pong. . .so that has to count for something.


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