My Crystal Ball

Did you know that I have started to exhibit new Psychic abilities???
I have.

I’ve been getting better and better at predictions for about 14 years now.
Let me give you a couple of examples:

#1-When my adorable gaggle of children wanted to go out and play in the snow last week I made some predictions.
***I could see clearly, in my minds eye, that the 4 and 5 year old boys would both come in bawling because their appendages were too cold. I also knew that it would only be about 20 minutes of “fun”.***
Came true!
I even guessed that they would demand Hot Chocolate…..which they did!

#2-I can predict, by the condition of the kids rooms, the mood of their father when he comes home.
Pretty cool…right?

#3- and this is a goodie. I can predict for you, right now, EXACTLY what my kids teachers are going to say at Parent-Teacher conferences (4) tomorrow.
—having a vision—-
I feel it will be a proud….and….uhhhh Painful day.
I hear voices saying….”Excellent student….straight A’s”..and….”She’s a joy to have in class”..mixed with….”overly social….never shuts her mouth…”
—–exhausted sigh—-
NOTE to self: Send husband to Parent Teacher Conferences.
No need for you to go, you already know.
Prediction-prepare for angry husband!


7 thoughts on “My Crystal Ball

  1. I don’t have as much ESP as I used to. When my nephews were about 10 and 11 years old, and they would start “play-wrestling,” I would say, “Cut that out before somebody gets hurt and you start fighting.” Even though they swore that wouldn’t happen, my ESP won out every time.


  2. I got one for you….is there anyway I can pick a hobbie and stick with it? Stop spending money on everythign I see that I wanna make? OR better yet…can u see if maybe I will just be wealthy soon so the above dosent really matter!!🙂 Good Luck at the conference!


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