Crap-tacular Lemonade

When life gives you Lemons
You make Lemonade….

What do you make
when life gives you 200 gallons of RAW SEWAGE
in your basement?
If you have the answer to that one, let me know.
I’ll be bleaching EVERYTHING while I wait.


18 thoughts on “Crap-tacular Lemonade

  1. Yikes! I’m so sorry. I have no idea what you can make with raw sewage. At least you have the right to say “Oh crap!” in your house without any kids correcting you or telling you it’s a bad word. 😛


  2. Man, thanks for putting my septic mound being frozen in perspective for me. I was whining that we need to have our holding tanks pumped out every couple weeks until the mound thaws. My problem is SO not that bad. Sending unstinky thoughts your way. . .


  3. I am so sorry to hear about the loss in your family and to top it off — all of your flooding! I just bought a house in May and my (finished) basement has flooded a few times — it sucks (my art room/sewing room is their). So I can totally relate. but things can only get better, right????


  4. You could always just burn the house down and re-build elsewhere. 😐I probably wouldn’t be eating any cookies though. Or any corn casserole. Lord, I apologize.Just be thankful that you did not take Wastewater Design in college like I did. Knowing what’s actually in it probably makes it 34 times worse. 😐


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