I’m watching Biggest Loser right now.
I used to eat cake, or ice cream while I watched.
Not any more!

There is one main reason why I’m not snacking right now;
(and it’s NOT that I’m dieting….which I am….)
Bob and Jillian Scare the Freak out of me!!
Has anyone else noticed how intense they are this time??
They are EVIL!!
Are you afraid?


10 thoughts on “Fear?

  1. Good for you! I'm never “dieting” because that would mean it's temporary. . still just trying to make those changes that I can live with & then once in a while I can give in to the sassies & eat something that will probably make me not feel so good physically (or mentally) so then I learn my lesson again & don't eat it for a longer time. . . I'm trying to not eat after 8PM now too. I need to snack at times though. . .it's just how my body is made (right?).


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