I Want My Own Show!

I’m finally coming out of the closet.

My cousin Mim came out today, and gave me the courage to share with you
my un-natural love of


Jim Bob, Michelle, 18 kids with “J” names, and a Daughter-in-law.

How could you not love watching them I ask! They are such a nice family. ALWAYS NICE!

I’ve watched them vacation, build their home, go shopping for food, have a wedding. They are fascinating I tell ya. ALWAYS NICE!

I also have a slight obsession with John and Kate plus 8.

If you haven’t seen this show…..why not? They are a cute family, but they aren’t always nice. I love the chaos, the kids doing normal things, and the parents snapping at each other.

Their house makes my house look calm!

I’m ready for my time on camera! My family show!

We put the FUN is DisFUNctional!


9 thoughts on “I Want My Own Show!

  1. I do watch the Duggars some times, but only in the same way that I can't take my eyes off a car accident in traffic. They're just TOO MUCH for me. Yikes.I LOVE John & Kate. They are so normal!Your new show sounds great. 🙂


  2. We don't have the channels that have those shows on usually – so I only know of them but have not seen them that often. I don't begin to understand them – but I do have some admiration for them. I wouldn't share my family life on national television. I got my bag today from Gracie Lous! & you. . . AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you. . .I will wow people with it as soon as this pathetic weather starts to be a little nice. I don't want it to get yucky dirty from my vehicle.


  3. You would be a crack up for sure…I love Ms. Kate as well. She reminds me a bit of myself…a little controlling and a bit obsessive! Did I just admit that?Anyway, I vote for you..I would totally watch you!Hey I wonder if that lady that just had 8 babies and already had 6will be on TLC anytime soon?


  4. Yes, you definitely need your own show (and then you can become all rich and famous). Especially if you are ever going to make it to Egypt, cuz I’m telling you right now: Mike is NEVER going to law school. This could just be the ticket you need! haha 🙂


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