Padfolios, and quilts, and Ligers…oh my!

Look at this SWEET little Padfolio I made!
I used Craft Apple’s pattern. It was quick and easy, and
it is the perfect size to keep in your purse.
It was so much fun that I’m going to make many more!
This is what I made yesterday.
It was DREAMY!!

I’ll show you the entire quilt when I have it quilted.

I love it!!!


Check out these sites that I found while surfing today:
Crafty Blossom-Love the Quilts.

Funky and Delightful– Eye Candy! Pretty sewing projects, Pretty food

Chickpea Studio– Packed with patterns and tutorials.

Indie Fixx-lots to look at.

and last……..Shasta n Lola My bff Shasta Fantasta decided to join the blog world. She is SO funny. She was named after a Liger (true story), and happens to be the owner of my favorite fabric store on the planet….(maybe even the universe). She just got it started last night, so the design is still in the works, but the FUNNY is there!

I hope your day is fantastic!


15 thoughts on “Padfolios, and quilts, and Ligers…oh my!

  1. 6?! 8?! 18?! I will stick with my calm little offspring of 2! My brother has 5 and that is way too much noise for me! I do not know how you all manage that big of families but god bless ya!


  2. I REALLY like the padfolio. It looks like it would be a great gift. The quilt looks like it will be gorgeous.17 pounds is AMAZING!!! You look great and are losing so fast! Wow!


  3. Yeah, I really want one. But once again, I just want you to make it for me! This sis-in-law of yours was just blessed with NO talent…Anyway, can’t wait to see you and your skinny little buns tomorrow!!!


  4. that padfolio is C U T E,and the fabric in your quilt isjust delicious!umm, ligers are just unnatural.ewwww. No offense to your friend, whose DNA probably consists only one species . . .


  5. I’ve only just discovered the Duggars and that was after I heard about them on someone else’s blog. Unfortunately we don’t have their show on our screens but thanks to the wonders of the internet I get to see a bit 😉Lovely fabrics btw.


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