*This Weeks Panic*

on my mind…..

Monday morning weigh-in vs. the cake I ate yesterday
16th Anniversary on Thursday.

Valentines week working in the family Floral.

Huge new undertaking with Shasta Queen of Fabric.

What is on your mind?


19 thoughts on “*This Weeks Panic*

  1. Hey, Happy Anniversary! (and dang! your waist was tiny!)I’m thinking about the cruise we are planning to celebrate our anniversary…10 years together. Not sure where we want to go. I want to go to Alaska because I’d look way better in a parka than in a swimming suit.


  2. I’m thinking about how my class ends on the 24th and I’m not even close to finishing, how I’ll be working at the floral and quilting this week, and how we’re moving on Saturday. Oh, yeah, the weight thingy too. I don’t think I’ll lose any this week 😦


  3. Happy Anniversary!On my mind is the fact that I haven’t posted your FQ swap parcel yet!! I promise to get it in the mail before the Saturday deadline (it seems to have sneaked up on me!).xMx


  4. Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. And I’m sure you’ll have a very happy Valentine’s and Anniversary’s Day/Week. And full of good stuff too (kisses and flowers and cake and presents…) 😀


  5. Making a “super doll” for a little boy’s birthday. Going to my daughters first concert. Figuring out what to do for husband on Valentine’s Day. Thinking about starting ETSY shop.


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