Amazing eyes

I can’t get over the eyes on this girl!
I used to say that before she was born
instead of feeling her kick,
I could feel her eyes bulge.
She was baptized on Saturday!
(Mormon baptisms take place when you turn eight.)
I finished the quilt.
I used Amy Butlers Brick Path pattern,
and Anna Maria Horners Good Folks fabric.

I wonder what would happen if you could mix the talents of Anna, Amy, and Heather?


11 thoughts on “Amazing eyes

  1. Just wait until she starts batting them at the boys… I love the quilt. After cutting your squares, did you put them in a order/pattern or did you just mix them up and let them land where they land ?


  2. Gorgeous girl and beautiful quilt. Congratulations to her on her baptism (are congratulations appropriate?). I was baptised when I was around 12. The Baptists wait till you ask to be baptised before the dunk. I might have asked sooner, but I was afraid of the dunking!


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