Another one bites the sewage

2 months ago I got the BEST pair of running shoes.

They were cute, they were comfortable, they were on sale

and I actually ran in them.

Unfortunately, these were the shoes I was wearing the night of the “poop” flood.

They were quickly (and sadly) tossed.

We put them on the list that we gave to the insurance adjuster,

and I started searching for a new pair.


Only Ugly, uncomfortable, and overpriced styles left.
I TOTALLY won’t run in these!
and you know how much I LOVE running!
Any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “Another one bites the sewage

  1. I LOVE my adidas. Of course, I got them back in 1999, so I don’t konw if they make that style anymore, but they are fabulous for running and working out. I don’t think they were too expensive either, because my mom was very anti-brand name when we were growing up.


  2. i really love my asics gels…i used to only wear new balance (cause they have a broad base so you don’t roll your ankle…) but i think i’ve switched to asics.. plus they have a broad base so your toes can breathe! plus they stick to normal colors like white/silver/ blue… i hate a bizarely colored tennis shoe. who wants something with a brown base if it’s not a casual shoe?!


  3. Oh NO! My neighbors just had this happen to them the other night. NOT good. Their lower level is living space with bedrooms & laundry & what not. . .so her 4 year old son now needs all new clothes. No fun. Nothing like the pungent odor of sewage to wake you up! Oh the joys.


  4. The reason why you loved your previous shoes was because they were a good fit for your foot and gait.In our town, a big running town, we can go to running shops and they will analyze your gait, ask you a few questions and then find you a shoe that will make you feel like it was made for you. Of course it should never be about looks–although I’ve never been pointed to ugly running shoes.Once I found a pair i loved…i now just go online and buy the same model over and over. Granted every year they change it up ever so slighty…primarily just the look. so I can sometimes get a REALLY great deal on last year’s model…for much less! Sometimes I buy 2 and enjoy the free shipping deals. Kelly’s running warehouse has where i’ve found best price/shipping before. See if your fav model is available there???


  5. I have no suggestions, but I can commiserate. I hate how they constantly change styles on athletic shoes, so you can never buy the same pair twice. That’s one of the reasons I finally gave up on all of them and switched to Converse Chuck Taylors.Rick has hard to fit feet, and he gets comfortable shoes by going to a running store where they really take the time to fit him.


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