REPOST FROM LAST YEAR…..including comments!
1- What couple was born in the 70’s,

raised in the 80’s,

and married in the 90’s?

2- Who is that little boy?

3-Why does that girl have such big hair?

4- What couple has been married 16 years today…….and plan on staying together forever?


That is us!! Lola and Lego Hair Man!


14 thoughts on “A LOVE QUIZ!!!

  1. I love it. The pic are priceless. Happy Anniversary.Lola, I’m working on the instructions to that quilt this week. I’ll send it to you when I get it finished. (I don’t have your email address, email me) and you can make it and tell me what I need to change in the instructions before I make it into a final pattern. Would that be a deal? Let me know.


  2. Happy Anniversary, you both look adorable so in love. So what’s the secret of a long and happy marriage? I posted a few days back about M and mine’s long journey to get to ten years, it took us twenty years.I’m glad I’ve made you feel better about your fabric stash, maybe I should do my fabric stash next.Joanne xx


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