Dedicated to my bloggy buddies….

This is one of my all time favorite 80’s love songs

(Caution : Super Cheesy Video Ahead)
And I want you all to know,
on this special day of LOVE,
this is how I feel about all of you….
“Nothin’s gonna change my love for you!”

7 thoughts on “Dedicated to my bloggy buddies….

  1. Ahhhhh…..Glen Medeiros…. that takes me back. Just about as cheesy as it comes 🙂Your FQ swap parcel is on it’s way – I actually managed to post it by the deadline…..just! I hope you like it.xMx


  2. Oh wow- I had forgotten this song! Love you too Lola! AAACCCKK! My husband doesn’t know this song! He is mearly 2 years younger than me and he claims he just doesn’t remember as much of the 80s as me! Oh my word- he is askin’ for it!!!!!


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