Made this today for my table.

I’ve had this fabric, Arcadia from Moda, since October quilt market.

I bought the whole Fat Quarter bundle!

I made the coolest quilt (needs to be quilted),

framed a few improv blocks for my entry,

and made 2 runners.

I think I have enough left to make a few birdies….

I hope.


6 thoughts on “Runners

  1. Jana, I love the table runner! I love the fabrics…I need to make one. Did you use a pattern in your head?I’ve been meaning to make some birds…I think I’ll make one this afternoon. Thanks for the link to the pattern. Maybe the Princess will make one, too! *hint, hint*


  2. ummm sooooo cute. My fat quarter bundle is still on the shelf. Have you seen the Anna Maria oilcloth. I need a trench out of it so I think we must order some of the pieces we do not have. Pluse some oilcloth


  3. I know, it is something I need to get over. There will always be someone with more kids (you have 6 I stopped collecting at 5), someone who blogs more often ( you do every other day, I do every third day) and someone who produces more sewing than I! What’s up with that! But I do have one over you…no basement therefore no crap!Hope all got taken care of. I really did tell hubbie with pity in my voice when I told him what you wrote. Icky, ouwie, yuckie.


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