What a BAG!

The Purse of the Month for March, at Gracie Lou’s, is going to be
I got to make the shop sample today….out of Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng.

This is a HUGE bag. You could carry a small child in it….
if you wanted to.

The pattern is pretty simple. I messed up on cutting the sides though. Lucky for me, there was plenty of extra fabric for do-overs!
One thing I would do differently is that next time I would put a pocket or two inside it.
I think I’ll use it as a picnic-sports-pool bag.
It would also make a great Laundry bag for teen Daughters room…..
not that she would use it for laundry, she prefers the floor for that.
I’m still working on the fabric details for the SEW ALONG.
Keep watching for more details.
Grab the button from my sidebar, and put it up on your blog to help round up more people to participate in the fun!!


10 thoughts on “What a BAG!

  1. Love the bag! Ooohh I wish it were mine.BTW, you could make custom pocket “inserts” with loops and buttons that would go inside the bag, suspended from the handles? They’re easy to make with a little bit of heavy interfacing. My sister in law has one that is just for her keys, phone, a pen and lipstick.


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