Cut it out?

In preparation for the big sew along, I have a few questions that I need to ask.
The first is-
Do you know how to use a Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Ruler?
A-“Oh yes! I am a Rotary Ninja!”
B– “I know my way around a See Thru Ruler”.
C-“I might be able to figure it out…..maybe.”
D-“Help! I could a refresher course.”
E-“Rotary Matt, never met the guy!”
In other news
We ran out of Diet Coke at my house today.
Someone on Facebook suggested that It was time to quit drinking.
I call that suggestion downright cruel!

21 thoughts on “Cut it out?

  1. I’m no ninja, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Wait, does that mean I should say C? Can’t wait! I’m looking forward to crafting this purse, and keeping up with a few friends who are doing it too!


  2. Ummm. I won’t comment on the first part. You already know my skills and knowledge on the matter.As for Diet Coke and the FREAK who suggested that you stop drinking it? I say a good house toilet papering should teach them! Nobody messes with the nectar of the Gods:P


  3. I am a rotary ninja!But I am a little shaky right now. You ran out of Diet Coke? How could you let a thing like that happen? Being low on Diet Coke is the only thing that guarantees I will make a trip to the grocery store. I can live without food, but not without Diet Coke.


  4. I love cutting with the rotary cutter. I think that I have since lost all of my other “cutting” scissors. I don’t hardly sew it anymore, if you can’t rotary it.And I will bet, that whomever told you to quit the Diet Coke is a perfect saint and just wanted to help you, that/or they are just crazy. Who in their right mind tells anyone to quit anything they love?


  5. I use my rotary cutter and mat but I have never had any instructions so I would love a refresher. I am throwing my blogless hat into the sew along.


  6. I’m certainly not a black belt but I’m working my way up the chopping/cutting ladder!Who ever said to stop drinking should be shot on site … that’s alcohol abuse … oh, you were talking about diet coke were’nt you.


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