like "buttah"

This is my fabric for the Mystery Bag.
It is by Art Gallery, and it feels like butter!
I started taking pictures for the tutorial right after lunch.
The wind started to kick up outside, and it knocked the power out…..
in the WHOLE CITY!!
It made me realize how much I depend on electricity to get through the day.
No sewing
No laundry (yeah!)
No ironing
No Wii (for the 4, 5, and 6 year old)
No computer (at least no internet)
No TV, which meant No Thomas the Tank Engine. That threw the baby into a fit.
Everything i wanted to work on needed power!!
It was the longest 45 min. of my life!!

19 thoughts on “like "buttah"

  1. No hot water to bath…the list goes on. In South Africa we had scheduled power cuts until recently because the power stations cannot cope to supply Johannesburg’s growing population. Ours was from 6-8am a few days a week. At least then you know you won’t have power and prepare the gas stoves and flashlights, but an unexpected cut is not fun!


  2. LOL. I know exactly what you mean. We spent the evening of the Friday before last completely without power – we ended up giving it up as a lost cause and going to bed!Lovely fabric btw.xMx


  3. Cute fabric…I haven’t seen that pattern. I have a very hard time cutting into new fabric. Is that a common sewing malady?Oh, we were without power for a whole week a few years ago, in the middle of hot weather in Florida. Talk about insanity! Once the power was restored, I kissed every electrical contraption we own. Not really, but I could have!


  4. LOVE the fabric! I’m hoping to be able to squeeze some sewing in next week on my week off of school. We’ll see how that goes. . (You can always feel free to email me that pattern so I can “cheat” I mean work ahead!) Totally hear ya on the power out thing. . .what would I do???


  5. That fabric is divine!!I was browsing ebay last night looking at purse patterns and then I was like DUH! I don’t need a new pattern, I have the mystery bag sew along coming up! YAY =)


  6. I bought some Anda Lucia (sp?) for my bag! So excited to get started.The power went out at our house, too, we think because when we got home the microwave was flashing that we needed to set the time. odd.


  7. i want that fabric! Whatever you make with it you should send it to me, because I can’t play because I broke my arm and it really hurts and i need a present for that. (kidding)


  8. 45 minutes… that made me laugh out loud!!! Did I mention that the power went out at our house on Christmas at about 2:00. Before the family got there for dinner…. Came on at 3:00 the next morning. That was tough!


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