little to say

I have a post for today.
I’m not sure how to write it though.
It isn’t funny or creative.
Today was unexpectedly frightening in ways.
My husband had a health scare. It isn’t completely resolved yet either.
We are confident that he is ok.
I don’t like being afraid.
It is strange for me to have so much to talk about, and so little to say.

21 thoughts on “little to say

  1. I am honestly surprised at how calm you were when you initially walked into the shop. I can’t even imagine what you were keeping in at that moment. OTAPAWY. Please keep us updated. Let me know if you need anything.


  2. Sometimes the less you say, the more you tell… No details needed. Only the hint that you need our prayers and positive thinking is enough for us to send all we can to you with light speed and lot’s of caring. Good luck and believe everything will be ok, as should be.


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