Get Your Machine in Shape

Last week I had my Sewing Machine serviced by the
(he even makes house calls).
He taught me about my machine, and how to keep it “tuned up”.
The man is a miracle worker. Bessie Higginbottom has never sounded better.
He took all of the removable parts off, and all of her innerds were showing.
Then he showed me how to oil all of the moving parts (every 6 months)
with WD40 (really!)
He also told me to oil the bobin race every day that I sew.
Here are a few other tutorials on Machine Maintenance:
New Mexico State University-this on also teaches you about getting a good tension.
Get those Machines ready…and Make sure that you have some good needles handy.
(I only broke one this time!)

8 thoughts on “Get Your Machine in Shape

  1. I’ve been thinking that I needed to take my machine to the doctor. I’ve had it for about 9 years and haven’t done a thing to keep it running well. Thanks for the links!


  2. Sorry but WD40 is awful for your machine. All the sewing machine repair people I know say don’t use it. I would not use it. It could gum up you machine over time. I use sewing machine oil (not 3 in 1). If your machine is gummed up, the oil will help along with wiggling and working. I’ve repaired and serviced several older machines myself. I’ve learned a lot on the yahoo group Wefixit.


  3. Kerri,My Sewing Machine Dr. told me that he’s been using WD40 for 50 years without a problem. He did tell me not to use 3 in 1 oil because it has wax in it.He did warn me that people would tell me not to use WD40, but It is a high grade oil that is less expensive than regular machine oil, and it can get into all of the places oil sometimes can’t. Thanks for the warning though. I’ll watch my machine to see how it works.


  4. What a great idea – a sewing machine doctor that does house calls!None here in South Africa sadly. I send my machine in for a service every couple of months but I am really bad at daily or even weekly maintenance. Thanks for the great tips and links!


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