Lego’s results

Lego Hair Man visited the Doctor today.
He had made this appointment (for a hernia) before he ended up in the Emergency Room.
The Doctor had the results of his MRI……Finally!! some info!!
First- he has to see a surgeon for his hernia.
Second-He has to see a Neurologist because he has 3 bulging discs in his neck. 2 are showing significant deterioration. The Doctor said that Lego may have to have surgery for this problem too.
So, I am relieved to know what it is. I will feel even better when we have talked to the Neurologist.
Thanks to everyone for your prayers, kind words, thoughts, and compassion.
I feel so blessed!

11 thoughts on “Lego’s results

  1. That doesn’t sound fun! But I guess if you have to be put under for surgery, they might as well fix things all up huh? Does he need his Appendix removed? How about Gall Bladder? Would he like butt implants?


  2. Oh what a relief! I am so glad the wait is over. Now you know what is wrong you can deal with it. Good luck to Lego Hair Man with his road to recovery!Just how many new grey hairs did you get in the last week?!


  3. Good to have some results instead of a mystery. Make sure to get lots of consultation on those discs. Rick was told several years ago he should have surgery on discs in his neck, but they tried other stuff first, and he has been pain-free for years.


  4. Poop! Surgery just poop! But at least you know what it is now. Diana makes some good points. Since Lego Men don’t have much of a hiney anyway, so you might want to address that problem. 😉 Anyway, glad that everything is coming along. Love ya guys!


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