It’s a stretch

Sew Along starts Tomorrow!!!!!!
To prepare, make sure to do your Stretches

Pictures borrowed from here

or, give this one a try!

10 thoughts on “It’s a stretch

  1. Let’s get this sew (show) under way. I’m ready. Well I’m still deciding if I have to make one last trip to Gracie Lou’s to make sure I got just the right material. Maybe I’ll check first and see if they have cookie’s or cinnimon rolls to give there customers.


  2. Its tomorrow already!!! i want to make a purse now please…. im dieing here. you make such cute purses. any chance you’re in socal so i can come take a class?i’ll have you know, i was going to start the purse now, but i’m going to get to work on the dress the purse id for. maybe that will console me until i can start the mystery purse. fabric pic on my blog in like 5 minsCodi


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