Mystery Purse Day 3

Today you will need both of your 6″ x 7″ flap pieces, and your Magnetic snap.
If you’ve put a snap in before, today’s assignment will be easy peasy!!
Step 1- Match up your flap pieces with right sides of fabric facing each other. Sew around 3 of the side, 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving one short side open.

Step 2- Clip the corners off close to the stitching line.
Step 3- We are going to set the “male” side of the snap into the end of the flap.
Measure down 1 and 1/2″ from the top edge. Center the washer below that, and mark openings with a pencil.

Step 4- Cut on lines through only one flap thickness. The easiest way to do this is using you seam ripper, but you can do it with your scissors.

Step 5- Put the snap inside the flap, and thread the posts through the slits.

Step 6- Put the washer over the posts.

Step 7- Fold posts to each side. If you can’t do this with your fingers use the side of a spoon. I guess you could use an actual tool from the tool box, but I prefer to do it the quick and easy way.

Step 8- Turn your flap right side out. Poke your corners out so that it is nice and square.

Step 9- Press the edges of the flap flat.

Step 10- Top stitch the sewn edges. I like to stitch at 1/8″, and 1/4″.

You are done for today!!! Look at that adorable little snap-flap that you made!



10 thoughts on “Mystery Purse Day 3

  1. I am still on Day 1 of the Mystery Purse – I have just completed cutting it out and am busy ironing on interfacing. This bag is HUGE! You can smuggle people in it! I have made many bags and this bag is still a “mystery” to me even after cutting out the pattern pieces! Exciting stuff!


  2. I am just super curious as to how many days until we will have a completed bag. This is giving me something to look forward to each day, I am having a blast! Thanks!


  3. I am so excited that there’s a magnetic snap on this purse. I love magnetic snaps but this is the first time I’ve put one in myself. I’ve had a crazy day, so thanks for making today a quick one :-). I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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