Mystery Purse Day 4

Today we are going to work on a lot of little things.
You will need your 4 handle pieces and your 2 handle accent pieces.
** If you are going to use D-rings you will need those, and your 4″ x 12″ piece.

**instructions for D-rings
**Step 1– Lay 4″ x 12″ (d-ring strap) piece, wrong side up, on your ironing board. Fold long edges over 1/2″ and press them in place.

**Step 2- Fold the entire piece in half matching folded edges. Press.

**Step 3– Topstitch down both edges at 1/8″.

** Step 4– Take this “strap” to your cutting board and cut it into four 3″ chunks.

**Step 5- Thread each of the 3″ pieces through a d-ring.

**Step 6– Sew across the strips as close to the D-ring as your presser foot will let you.

**Step 7- put your d-rings aside for now.

Step 8– Line up you Strap pieces with an accent piece in the middle. Sew them together with 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seams flat.

Step 9– Take straps to the ironing board. Lay them interfacing side up. Fold long edges in 1/2″, and press.

Step 10– Fold entire strap in half, matching folded edges, and press.

Step 11– Topstitch down both sides, of both straps, at 1/8″ and 1/4″.

Step 12– Zig-Zag ends of straps to finish the edges. Trim all stray threads.

**Step 13– Thread end of strap through D-ring. Fold strap up 1″.

**Step 14– Attach strap end to strap with a tight Zig-Zag. (on top of previous Zig-zag)

Do this with all four ends of your straps!
This is all for today!
We are half way there…are you getting excited?
Only 2 More Days!!!


6 thoughts on “Mystery Purse Day 4

  1. Jana, I think you forgot to put one of the steps in.There isn’t a step 7. I’m confused. I know I know that’s normal for me.Call me please.


  2. I think you are doing a great job!I am dying here. I cant stand not seeing where it looks like.Maybe if I would stop being a chicken and just start the darn bag before i see it finished, I might have a better Idea what it looks like.


  3. Quick question – I’m a little behind b/c of my fabric debacle and am just getting to this step … I was trying to zig zag the d-ring to my strap but my machine freaked out – it’s too thick to go thru. Any suggestions?


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