The Mystery Purse was so much fun, and continues to be!
I love to see how the bags are turning out, and I love to hear your stories about making it.
I am planning on doing another Sew-Along sometime in the future,
not sure when….or what.
If you have any suggestions, I am open to hearing them.
I have a few questions for those of you that played along:
1- What did you like about the Sew-Along?
2-What didn’t you like about it?
3-What should I do differently next time?
4-What should we do next time?

10 thoughts on “Questions…

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  2. Lola, I really enjoyed participating in my first ever sew-along! I am crazy about bags so this was awesome! Thank you so much for hosting it and letting me play along!I think the mystery of it all was the best for me. I have made many bags and even after cutting out the pattern I still did not know how it will turn out until almost at the end. It challenged me because I have never made such a big bag before. I cannot think of anything that I did not like about the sew-along. I would however suggest that we stretch it out over a longer period, although I am sure the suspense will kill me halfway! I have a full-time day job and it was difficult to keep up on a daily basis. So maybe posting less every day of more every second day would be good for me. As a general rule I do not sew during weeknights with work and the kids, etc. but with the sew-along I did sew. Amazing how much you can do after all! Next time? A bag that will challenge our skills, please. I love making something new that I have never done before. Maybe a bag with handmade embellishments. I’ll think about it more but as long as it’s a bag, I’m in!


  3. Lola, I just loved the sew a long! I like how you had a different clue every day. If you would have only done a clue every other day or week I may have lost interest and not finished the bag. I would keep it the way you had it before….at least that works for me. I always have a zillion projects going on and this was a nice little break every day! I liked the way you write your patterns…they are easy to understand for the beginner. I also made your Jenny bag at the same time you had the sew along going on and my Granddaughter just loved it! The only thing I would change would be….I wish you would have had us get the fusible fleece and had us interface the outside instead of giving us the choice. I love how my bag turned out…but now wish it were stiffer since it’s so big and I plan to use it for lots of stuff. Other than that it was perfect. As far as the next project goes….can’t wait!! Anything you do is great so I’m game for just about anything! Thanks so much for hosting this sew a long. There are so many of us that get our patterns “free” online and with the economy the way it is…..nice patterns such as yours are hard to find and good enough for us to make our Christmas gifts instead buying them. So thanks for helping me… with my plans to have a totally “handmade Christmas” this next year!


  4. I thought the sew-along was so much fun and such a great idea. And it was very generous of you to create such a great pattern for all of us to follow for FREE! I’m sure it took you plenty of time to get all the steps down and take all the pictures, but your tutorial was so great and so easy to follow. I liked that you had a new step every day, but that the steps weren’t too long so it didn’t take much time to catch up when I took two days off. I’m really glad I used double interfacing and fusible fleece–my bag feels very sturdy. And I loved the detail of the double top-stich you use. There’s nothing I didn’t like about the tutorial. The only thing I changed–I added interfacing to the middle accent fabric part of the strap, and I added a decorative button to the flap. I would love to join in another sew-along with you. Bags are always fun, and a girl can never have too many! Or maybe an apron! Again, thanks so much!


  5. I had so much fun … not finished yet but It’s coming along. I loved the mystery part of it. The only suggestion I would have would be regarding fabric … I might have chosen a different fabric b/c of the large repeat (in my prints). If whatever we sew again might need to be centered or 1 busy fabric and one plain might be suggested (does that make sense?). Thanks for time and such a great pattern … now if I could only find a decent bathing suit – arg.


  6. 1- What did you like about the Sew-Along? I loved not knowing. I am a planner and a control freak so you forcing me to let go of that was kinda fun.2-What didn’t you like about it? The same as the answer to #1. 3-What should I do differently next time? Maybe specify small or large prints? 4-What should we do next time? I am a bag lady!


  7. I had a great time doing the sew-along. I liked that I had other friends doing it at the same time so we could talk about our progress or any issues that anyone was having. Your tutorials were great and I liked having something to do every day. I liked having an ending point that I couldn’t go past. The only thing I would change is that it might be nice to know a general size before starting to help with fabric and interfacing choices. For another sew-along I would love to do another bag. Thanks!


  8. I love the bag and now I have to make 3 more so I have one for each of my kids (2 daughters and 2 daughter-in-laws) It will make a great bag for the grandkids to load all their swimming lesson stuff. The only thing I wish I had done was put interfacing in the front pocket piece. Next time I would like to do another bag


  9. Thank you so much for hosting the sew-along. It was my first one and I had a blast! My favorite part was the mystery of it all. My girls (ages 6 & almost 4) could hardly wait to find out the directions each day. I also really liked that each day it was something that I knew I could complete even if the day was busy and chaotic. I am a picture person so the only thing I would have changed was to have more visuals on the last day for putting it all together. I figured it out…no problems. Next time? Hmmmm…I'll have to think about that but I'm sure what ever you come up with will be fabulous! Thanks again for the fun…and the purse!!!


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