What I did while you were working on the Mystery bag.

A Diaper bag for my niece’s sister-in-law. Lyns gave me the fabric months ago….
of course I didn’t start the bag until 2 days after the baby was born.

I’ve had the fabric for new kitchen curtains for months too. I finally got around them, and they only took about 1/2 hour to make and hang.

It drives me crazy when I keep putting a project off because “I don’t have time“, only to find out that I wasted more time thinking about not having time than it actually took to make the project. Another example of that would be the living room drapes that needed hemming…for 2 years. Hemmed them Monday. took 20 minutes. baaah!

anyway….made curtains, a charging basket, and a Diet Coke can recycling bag.

I made this adorable (tampon) envelope bag. I hate to have those things rolling around in the bottom of my bag so that my toddler can pull them out in the middle of church.

I had to make a new ironing board cover for the fold out board. The old one was never right, and it ended up shrinking….and melting. Weird!!

Lastly, I made a new header for my favorite Quilt Shop…and blog. I think that this one is a keeper….i hope???

What are you doing this week?


17 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Oh my gosh, do you ever rest! Thanks for making the sew along so much fun. It was fun to do. When is the next round going to start? I hope you don’t mind if I use something like this for my Simply Sewing 101 class. I will have to find something different though, they have all seen that bag. Thanks for commenting on my bag. Your give away at Gracie Lou’s is such a great idea, I have enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorite tool. Some great new ideas there too.


  2. “…so that my toddler can pull them out in the middle of church.”LOL – that is so the kind of thing that would happen to me! Your little envelope bag is very cute :o)


  3. Well look at you! Good girl. It is all so wonderful. I love your kitchen. Once I pulled out a tampon instead of a pen from my big bag. It was to write a check and I was surrounded by people. How could I mistake a paper covered thing for a pen? I don’t know. But it was awful. Cute stuff!


  4. Seriously, I dont think I got that much done last month! GREAT blog by the way. It killed me not to participate in the mystery purse. I plan on doing it as soon as I get my sewing room back from the tile guy.


  5. wow, you got a lot accomplished!still spring cleaning, still sorting GI Joes, but i did get a chance to “make” some onesies for our new nephew and a birthday’re not even joking about the “envelope” thing–that’s one of those things no one warns you about when you have children! one of mine liked to unwrap and take apart . . .


  6. My goodness! You have been productive! I agree with you – we spend more time thinking about things than doing it. I also find that the busier you are, the more you can achieve. Strange, but true. Love the diaper bag!


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